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Israel Biblical Sites Travel Guide

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Israel Biblical Sites Travel Guide


The Holy Land is much more than places and historical artifacts; it’s an experience . . .  an experience that is spiritual in nature for those with eyes to see. This book is designed to give you eyes to see what most people don't. It uncovers the riches and treasures of the Holy Land, so you can experience and be transformed by it. At each biblical site, this book will provide you with information about the location, historical background, places of interest, Bible verses, Bible teaching, a faith lesson, and a place for journaling and note-taking. This book will bring the Holy Land to life as you understand more fully the biblical context in which it took place.

The unique factor about the Holy Land is its special location in the World. Situated as it is, straddling the divide between Africa and Asia, the area has almost always been a battleground.  Wave after wave of conquerors poured into it, anxious to control the strategic trade routes linking the centers of the ancient world.   It’s not by accident that it’s virtually in the center of the world.  In God’s master plan of creation, He decided to place it exactly in the center of His creation. Located on a tiny land bridge between Africa and Asia, there is no other way to get between the two of them except through Israel. It’s located on the crossroads of the world.  Whoever wanted to trade between the two continents, or control the known world, had to conquer and control Israel.  For this reason, there have been more wars and events that have taken place in Israel than any other country on earth.  God positioned Israel in its unique location in order to influence the world and be on “Center Stage” so all of creation would know that He alone is God.

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Digital Book Cover Front - Israel Book (

634 Pages

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